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To be placed on MVT’s auditions list for advance notice via email, please contact MVT at
(808) 988-6131 or email us at

To assist in volunteer planning, the performance run dates given below include regular run plus maximum possible extension.

Auditions:   Monday, March 20, 7pm
                         Tuesday, March 21, 7pm

Where:          Manoa Valley Theatre

Performance Run Commitment: June 29–July 23, 2017 (max. 16 performances)
All performances will be held at Kaimuki High School Theatre.

Guest Director: Brad Powell
Guest Musical Director: Matthew Tadashi Mazzella

About the show

This final segment in the original “Once Upon One Time” musical comedy trilogy written by Lisa Matsumoto continues in that tradition with a delightful adaptation of the traditional fairy tales we all know and love.  The result is a comedic, local fantasy full of energetic songs and colorful characters including Da Six Menehune, Da Tree Fairies, Hauna and Tantaran, Da Wicked Queen and many other local-style and traditional fairy tale characters.  It’s great family entertainment as they go on a fun and crazy adventure!  The musical accompaniment in performance will be from pre-recorded tracks.


The show is performed by a cast of approximately 40 men and women. All roles are available. There may be some doubling. All characters should be able to sing and speak basic Pidgin English. Please prepare a standard 32 bar selection of music, properly marked, that shows off your vocal skill and stage presence. (Feel free to email Matthew for advice on song choice, or assistance with any music prep: Due to time restrictions, and out of respect for your fellow auditionees, you may be cut off if you exceed 60 seconds. Be prepared for possible movement exercises. Reading the play in advance is recommended. Minimum age for auditionees is 16.

The roles in the show are:

Keoni (Narrator #1):  He loves to tell stories. When he tells the story, the characters are “local.”
Kelli (Narrator #2):  Young fairy tale expert. When she tells the story, the characters are traditional.
Surfer Dude (Narrator #3):  A most unusual surfer “dude”. When he tells the story, the characters are California surfer-esque.

King Lolo:  The local king who is not very bright.
Queen Kaluna
:  King Lolo’s wife, a bossy queen.
Prince Ikaika:  King Lolo’s and Queen Kaluna’s son, who is cursed early on by the Hagemogi fairy, and lives as the Gecko Prince (Frog Prince), seeking to have the spell broken by true love’s kiss.
Princess Lokelani:  Prince Ikaika’s younger sister, (plays a local Sleeping Beauty). She is cursed by Da Hagemogi Fairy to prick her finger on a kiawe tree and will “fall down make-die-dead” unless she gets true love’s kiss.

Aunty Dis:  One of the three local fairies. Aunty Dis is the leader of the three.
Aunty Dat:  Second of the three local fairies.
Aunty Da Kine:  Third of the three local fairies.
Hagemogi Fairy:  Non-discernable as to whether it is a man or a woman, looks almost homeless. Yet he/she has great powers and casts spells when angered or insulted, usually because of her horrible bad breath.

Hauna:  Wicked Step-Sister #1 from Once Upon One Time. Usually played by a man.  Desperately wants to find a handsome prince to marry. Heavy Filipino accent.
Tantaran:  Wicked Step-Sister #2 from Once Upon One Time. Usually played by a man.  Desperately wants to find a handsome prince to marry. Heavy Filipino accent.

Da Wicked Queen:  Tough, conceited, threatening, high makamaka. Wicked and evil.
One Noddah Hunta:  Not very bright. Also a bit psycho and loses his temper easily. Also has a big heart. The local hunter of Da Wicked Queen.
Uku:  Da Wicked Queen’s magic ukulele. (Voice off-stage)
Da Mean Mongoose:  He’s a rascal, but tough and menacing. Wears a tattoo on his shoulder of “Mom Goose”. The local version of The Big Bad Wolf. Constantly hungry and always getting into trouble.

Manuel:  The Filipino shoemaker – Loving Father of Miguel.
Miguel:  The devoted son of Manuel, the Filipino shoemaker

King Won Tight Fut: Very wealthy and proud Chinese King. Very frugal with his money.
Queen Nose High Up:  Very wealthy and proud Chinese Queen. Very concerned with status.
Princess Ho Stuck Up:  Daughter of King Won Tight Fut and Queen Nose High Up, and sister of Prince Warubozu. Local Chinese princess. Very pretty, but very spoiled, selfish and sarcastic.
Prince Won Cute Guy:  Son #1 of Tight Fut and Nose High Up, and brother of Princess Ho Stuck up.  Martial arts expert (parody of Bruce Li). Fun-loving Chinese princes who are not spoiled and selfish like their sister.
Prince Chah Ming Won:  Son #2 of Tight Fut and Nose High Up, and brother of Princess Ho Stuck up.  Fun-loving Chinese princes who are not spoiled and selfish like their sister.
Prince Warubozu:  Local nice, genuine prince. Snow White’s local crush.

Da Six Menehune:  Fun loving local menehune. Who, Wat, Wen, Wea, Why and How Come
The Six Dancing Princesses:  They are a combined creation of the three narrators: they look local/Asian, they are dressed in traditional ballet leotards, skirts, and ballet shoes and have “surfer” personalities and accents. Sandy, Mandy, Candy, Brandi, Randi, and Dawn. They are the cousins of Princess Lokelani and Prince Ikaika.

 Traditional Fairy tale Characters

Lost Princess:  Sleeping Beauty. The traditional fairy tale princess. Very, very ditsy, and very beautiful.
Snow White:  The traditional fairy tale Snow White. Very innocent and sweet.
Snow Babe:  A California-girl tougher version of Snow White, created by Surfer Dude.
Cinderella:  Traditional fairy tale character. She is usually frantic and talks too much and too quickly.

Prince Charming:  A conceited version of the traditional Prince Charming.

Production Schedule

Rehearsals May 8, 2017 – June 28, 2017
performance run
June 29 – July 23, 2017 (max: 16 performances), Thursdays at 7:30pm, Fridays at 8pm, Saturdays at 8pm, Sundays at 4pm.

Performances will be held at Kaimuki High School Theatre. Rehearsals will be held at Iolani School, 563 Kamoku Street. The rehearsal schedule will generally be Mondays through Fridays from 6:30 to 9:30 pm, and Saturdays and Sundays as necessary. Cast members will uniformly receive an honorarium to help defray the out-of-pocket expenses associated with volunteerism and participation in this production. This honorarium is not an offer of employment.

About The Directors

Brad Powell (Guest Director/Choreographer) is an accomplished director and choreographer whose work has been seen in Europe, the Orient, Australia, the mainland and Hawaii. Brad directed and choreographed MVT’s productions of Forbidden Broadway, Forbidden Broadway Strikes Back, Forbidden Manoa, and received Po’okela Awards for his choreography on MVT’s Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Working (2007), Smokey Joe’s Cafe (2014) and Lysistrata Jones (2016). He has also directed and/or choreographed for Army Community Theatre, Diamond Head Theatre and The Actors Group.  He received Hawaii State Theatre Council’s PIERRE BOWMAN AWARD for Lifetime Achievement in 2011.

Matthew Tadashi Mazzella (Guest Musical Director) graduated from Castle High School where he began his performing at the Ron Bright Theater. He’s since worked as a company actor and music composer for HTY, and has music directed at MVT and DHT. He’s toured the United States doing improv and children’s theatre, and has been recognized locally for his work in Equus (MVT, 2016) as well as his work on YouTube. You can find Matt’s music on iTunes and Spotify.

Script Perusal and More Information

Scripts are available for perusal on premises at the Manoa Valley Theatre business office, 2833 East Manoa Road, between 9:30 am and 5:00 pm, Mondays through Fridays. For more information please call MVT at 988-6131.

Check back for audition date updates as they sometimes change.

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