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Wait Until Dark
a thriller from the 1966 and 1998 Broadway seasons
by Frederick Knott

Performance Run Commitment: May 18 – June 11, 2017

When:    Monday, January 23, 7pm
Where:   Manoa Valley Theatre

Guest Director
Peggy Anne Siegmund

About the show
A sinister con man and two ex-convicts are about to meet their match when they deploy a cleverly constructed deception on a blind woman whom they think possesses a doll of particular interest to them.  Seemingly disadvantaged, it is only when darkness falls and she turns off all the lights leaving the perpetrators to maneuver in the dark that the real cat-and-mouse game ramps up.  You’ll be on the edge of your seat as this thriller masterfully moves from one moment of suspense to another and builds toward an electrifying, breath-stopping final scene.

Auditions will consist of readings from the script as selected by the director from the list of sections that appears at the end of the character descriptions below.  Please read Wait Until Dark by Frederick Knott in advance of auditions to be familiar with the characters and the story.  Note that the stage script is different from the movie.  Do not attempt to imitate the movie characters or any other actors.  For the audition do not use a regional or ethnic accent other than your own.  Age ranges are variable with the exceptions of Susy, who must look 28, and Gloria, who must look age 9, to match scripted dialog.

The set will have a flight of stairs which is used by all characters.  Some roles require physical agility, noted in character descriptions.  As required by the script, at least one scene will be in complete blackout onstage, carefully choreographed in rehearsal for actor safety, but DARK in performance.

All roles are available.

MIKE TALMAN   (age 30-50) an ex-con, con man who owes money to some dangerous people,”tall and rugged”, likeable and charming, he would be a decent guy if he wasn’t a criminal.  He has to fall down a flight of stairs after being stabbed and is dragged offstage by Roat.

SGT. CARLINO (age 20-50) an ex-con, professional con man, has worked with Talman before, not the brightest bulb in the strand.

HARRY ROAT  (age 30-50) a master con artist/killer, evil; disguises himself as a 70-year old man and then his 40 year old son, uses a brief and fake Italian accent; knife fight with Susy and violent death (spoiler alert).

SUSY HENDRIX (age 28) has been blind since a car accident one year ago, recently married, loves her husband; although she has never seen her apartment she’s learned where everything is supposed to be.  Still, she stumbles and sometimes falls especially if furniture has been moved; knife fight with Roat.

SAM HENDRIX  (age 30-40) Susy’s husband, ex-marine, professional photographer, truly cares and wants to help Susy learn to manage her blindness.

GLORIA (age 9) pre-puberty trying to grow up, not a brat, dysfunctional family situation, lives upstairs from Susy and Sam.

POLICE (2) (ages 25 – 55, 1 could be female) cameo roles in one final scene, might assist as stage crew.

Audition readings (pg numbers from the Dramatists Play Service Acting Edition of the script)

SUSY  pp 20-24, 28-31, 33-35, 37-39, 52-55, 66-68, 69-70

MIKE   pp 7-11, 33-35, 37-39, 66-68

CARLINO  pp 7-11, 33-35, 52-55

ROAT  pp 7-11, 37-39, 67-70

GLORIA  pp 28-31, 77

SAM   pp  20-24, 76

POLICE  pp 76-77

Character breakdown

7-11 Mike, Carlino, Roat

20-24 Susy, Sam

28-31 Susy, Gloria

33-35 Susy, Mike, Sgt Carlino

37-39 Susy, Mike, Roat Jr

52-55 Susy, Sgt Carlino

66-68 Susy, Mike

76-77 Police, Gloria [Sam, Susy]

69-70 Susy, Roat

Production Schedule

Rehearsals: March 27 – May 17, 2017
Performances: May 18 – June 11, 2017 (max. 19 performances)
Wednesdays at 7:30pm, Thursdays at 7:30pm, Fridays at 8pm, Saturdays at 8pm,   Sundays at 4pm.

Performances will be held at Manoa Valley Theatre. Rehearsals will be held at IolaniSchool, 563 Kamoku Street. The rehearsal schedule will generally be Mondays through Fridays from 6:30 to 9:30 pm, and Saturdays and Sundays as necessary. Cast members will uniformly receive an honorarium to help defray the out-of-pocket expenses associated with volunteerism and participation in this production. This honorarium is not an offer of employment.

About The Director

Peggy Anne Siegmund (Guest Director) is a founding Director of the Kaimuki High School Performing Arts Center (KHSPAC) where she directed over 50 mainstage productions including music theatre, Shakespeare and other comedies/dramas, as well as plays for young children.   Her directorial work with The Actors’ Group and Hawaii Shakespeare Festival has earned her several Po’okela Awards for Excellence.

Script Perusal and More Information

Scripts are available for perusal on premises at the Manoa Valley Theatre business office, 2833 East Manoa Road, between 9:30 am and 5:00 pm, Mondays through Fridays. For more information please call MVT at 988-6131.

Auditions: March 20 & 21, 2017

Performance Run Commitment: June 29–July 23, 2017 (max. 16 performances)
Guest Director: Brad Powell
Guest Musical Director: Matthew Mazzella

*note: this show will be performed at Kaimuki High School theatre

Check back for audition date updates as they sometimes change.

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