Position Opening

Job Description
(April ‘19)

The Organization

Manoa Valley Theatre is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt semi-professional theatre organization which been operating continuously since 1969. It produces an annual mainstage season of six productions in an intimate and flexible 165-seat, black box theatre. Play selections typically are drawn from recent Off Broadway and Broadway seasons and include musicals, comedies and dramas. From time to time, special presentations are produced in its Studio Series between mainstage productions or on dark nights during the run of mainstage plays. The theatre is in production year-round, with a new play opening every other month, and each play being presented between 14 and 35 performances. The annual play production season begins in September. The theatre is run by a professional staff of seven full timers and four part timers, and utilizes community volunteers in all areas of its operations.

Manoa Valley Theatre is a charter member of the American Association of Community Theatre and Hawaii State Theatre Council.


The Producing Director is hired by, and serves at the will of, the Board of Directors.  The Producing Director reports directly to the Board, attends all Board meetings as staff member, and serves as ex officio member of all Board committees.  This position is salaried and its status is “exempt” as it relates to overtime pay and the Fair Labor Standards Act.  Benefits include health insurance, vacation and sick leave.  Coverage is provided for workman’s comp and temporary disability.

General Responsibilities

The Producing Director serves as the chief executive of the theatre and is responsible for its operations within board established policies and goals.  The Producing Director is the head of MVT’s professional staff.

Specific Responsiblities

The Producing Director is responsible for the performance of the following duties. In the case that specific duties are delegated to other members of the professional staff or volunteers or committees of the Board, the final responsibility for those duties remains with the Producing Director.

  1. All aspects of day-to-day management and administration of the organization, including artistic direction and business management.
  2. Guidance to the Board in formulating appropriate long range plan for the theatre , and gaining necessary approvals from the Board for its ratification and implementation.
  3. Preparing the annual operating budget in consultation with the Finance Committee for approval by the Board, including responsibility to notify the Committee and Board of any significant variations and revisions during the fiscal year, and overseeing the approved budget’s administration.
  4. Creating, hiring, supervising, evaluating and terminating all professional staff positions, and representing the organization as employer.
  5. Representing the theatre in the community in all its business and artistic transactions.
  6. Maintaining and monitoring the artistic standard of all theatre productions, as established by the Board.
  7. Selecting and scheduling plays for production, and securing the production licenses for intended productions.
  8. Selecting, hiring, supervising, evaluating and terminating all guest directors, designers and other paid production personnel, and all staff personnel.
  9. Guidance to the Board in formulating an appropriate annual fundraising plan and special funding needs as approved by the Board, and preparing and submitting grant proposals to seek funding from private and public sources for approved purposes.
  10. Representing the theatre in all contracts to which it is a party, and administering those contracts on a timely basis.
  11. Preparing all bookkeeping, financial reports, and payroll. Submitting financial reports to the Board prior to each Board meeting, and as requested.
  12. Reporting, filing and paying all applicable State and Federal taxes in a timely manner.
  13. Overseeing all play productions and other programming produced or sponsored by the theatre, including periodic performance and rehearsal attendance.
  14. Coordinating with the Board all fundraising activities of the organization.
  15. Marketing and public relations for the theatre, including (but not restricted to) newsletters, playbills, season ticket brochure, advertising, publicity and promotions.
  16. Managing and administering all ticket sales and box office functions.
  17. Maintaining customer, contributor, subscriber, and volunteer records. Assisting the Board as directed in business and individual solicitation of funds.
  18. Scouting for new talent and artistic material, and staying abreast of current developments in local and national theatrical circles by attending local and non-local theatre productions, actively participating in local arts organizations and consortia, and networking with arts organizations both in Hawaii and beyond.

In General

The Producing Director supports and communicates the purpose and artistic vision of the theatre. He/she must make good, tough business decisions which benefit the institution. He/she must always make clear to the Board what the financial consequences will be of any of the decisions they make. He/she must hire, train, supervise and organize the administrative staff and make certain they are capable of supporting the artistic vision of the theatre. He/she must constantly be on the lookout for opportunities and for danger signals.


  1. Minimum three years experience in theatre arts as producer, director, performer, designer, technician or educator, either vocationally or avocationally.
  2. Experience in scheduling, budgeting, accounting and expense tracking, with an eye for detail tracking.
  3. Outgoing, friendly and nurturing type personality.  Excellent communication skills including correspondence, email and phones.
  4. Ability to work well under pressure, meet deadlines, function as a team leader, and nurture problem-solving solutions among other team members.
  5. Ability to maintain a high standard of professionalism and integrity in working with others and representing Manoa Valley Theatre.

Work Schedule

• The standard MVT workweek is Monday through Friday from 9:30am to 5pm.
• Play production and special event schedules necessitate some evening and weekend work as scheduled.


• Application by U.S. mail or email containing written cover letter and résumé detailing qualifying experience.
• Apply to:

MVT Search Committee
c/o Jeffrey Portnoy, board president
Cades Schutte
P.O. Box 939
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813

• Application deadline: May 10, 2019
• The position will be filled as quickly as possible and will begin approximately July 1.

Manoa Valley Theatre is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, or age.