Job Description
(June ‘19)

The Organization:

Manoa Valley Theatre is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt semi-professional theatre organization which been operating continuously since 1969. It produces an annual mainstage season of six productions in an intimate and flexible 165-seat, black box theatre. Play selections typically are drawn from recent Off Broadway and Broadway seasons and include musicals, comedies and dramas. From time to time, special presentations are produced in its Studio Series between mainstage productions or on dark nights during the run of mainstage plays. The theatre is in production year-round, with a new play opening every other month, and each play being presented between 14 and 35 performances. The annual play production season begins in September. The theatre is run by a fulltime professional staff of seven, and utilizes community volunteers in all areas of its operations.

Manoa Valley Theatre is a charter member of the American Association of Community Theatre, a member of Hawaii Alliance for Drama Education and Hawaii State Theatre Council.


The Technical Director is a member of MVT’s full-time professional staff, and is directly responsible to the Producing Director. This position is salaried and its status is “exempt” as it relates to overtime pay and the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Benefits include health insurance, vacation and sick leave. Coverage is provided for workman’s comp and temporary disability.

General Responsibilities:

The Technical Director is responsible for construction of sets for MVT productions and presentations; configuring the theatre’s stage and seating areas; maintaining the technical shop area and equipment; storing unused materials, set pieces and seating components; providing general maintenance of the facility; and providing general support of the overall production department of the company. Duties will be performed utilizing theatre volunteers and, as budgetary allocations permit, casual hire assistants.

The Technical Director is a member of the theatre’s professional staff, and will participate in special duties and assignments as required of the theatre’s staff. All staff attend monthly and special staff meetings.

These responsibilities will be fulfilled on a full-time work schedule.

Specific Responsibilities

Play Productions:

Planning phase of production

• Read the plays upon announcement of the new season
• Participate in annual production calendar preparation
• Become familiar with the director’s concept(s) for that play
• Obtain ground plan and construction drawings
• Job cost the set design for materials and labor, and assist the designer in making necessary adjustments to comply with established production budgets and established production schedule
• Recruit casual hire and volunteers to fulfill the construction phase of the production
• Meet all production due-dates and schedules
• Post and maintain production build progress grid for backstage and online posting

Rehearsal/Construction phase of production

• Attend production meetings
• Attend initial onstage rehearsal
• Attend and assist with technical elements at photo calls
• Purchase materials and receive their delivery
• Reconfigure the stage/audience seating of the theatre in accordance with pre-approved configuration decisions, and paint audience spaces (stairs, floor, walls, platforms)
• Construct the stage and set for the production and setup offstage and backstage areas to be utilized by cast & crew in the running of the show
• Assist the guest set designer with set painting as needed
• Keep the guest director and Associate Producer informed on the progress of the physical production including delays and potential problems
• Assist in the acquisition and transport of borrowed furniture, set pieces, and equipment needed for the production, and their return post-production
• Assure readiness of the stage/set for play rehearsals to move onto the stage as scheduled, with particular concern for actor/crew/production personnel safety, in all offstage areas including backstage, control booth, crossover and entrance areas
• Complete safety preparedness by each production’s move-in to the performance space

Tech Week and Performances

• Setup any necessary technical equipment needed for technical rehearsals
• Attend and observe all technical rehearsals unless specifically released by the Associate Producer
• Obtain directors notes and designer notes applicable to the set and the stage/set/backstage environs
• Serve as technical/facility liaison for all production departments
• Help familiarize and train production crew members in the “workings” of the set and stage environs
• Assure readiness of the audience seating/stairs prior to running the house for dress rehearsals or performances
• Be in attendance at the theatre on Opening Night and attend the post-performance reception as a member of the theatre’s professional staff
• Monitor daily the condition of the set and audience areas of the theatre during performances, and maintain communication/notes with the stage manager regarding any issues involving the physical show
• Setup audience seating prior to first audience dress rehearsals
• Coordinate and accommodate the cleaning of the house as scheduled prior to first audience preview
• Availability as emergency backup operator for lighting and sound during rehearsals and performances

Post performances:

• Organize and manage equipment, personnel and safety procedures for strike
• Assist in the return of borrowed furniture, set pieces, and equipment that were acquired for the production
• Strike the set and revert to stock those materials/items which can be reused for future productions
• Attend post production evaluations as needed
• Store and protect production equipment properly including piano, lighting, sound and tools

Other Responsibilities

• Management of backstage spaces including their scheduling and usage
• Timely change out of marquee banners on the theatre’s sign
• Weekly positioning of the trash dumpster for its pickup on East Manoa Road, and return of the empty dumpster to its area behind the theatre
• Assist in the general tidy up of the theatre exterior environs
• Assist as needed with the theatre’s annual fundraising event and other special functions of the theatre
• Replace burned out light bulbs inside and outside of the theatre facility
• Perform light repairs and maintenance of the facility
• Participate in and assist with all staff supported activities and functions such as annual grounds cleanup, volunteer hospitality events, and special functions at the theatre
• Responsibility for technical elements of Studio Series presentations and theatre rentals
• Attend and provide technical staff support of Studio Series presentations and theatre rentals
• Opportunity (optional) for guest set designing
• Oversee and coordinate seating and stage configuration changes in the performance space


• Experience in theatrical set building
• Experience operating power equipment, use of hand tools, and other tools and implements of theatrical technical direction
• Experience as theatrical technical director or position of responsibility on a theatrical technical team
• Ability to read, understand and follow set/stage design drawings and specifications
• Ability to lift 50 lbs and possess physical agility sufficient for theatrical set building and construction
• College degree, preferably with training in technical theatre arts
• Ability to successfully supervise skilled and unskilled volunteers
• Ability to work with and communicate effectively with disparate personalities
• Ability to nurture volunteer skills development and help production team members attain their highest potential in their assigned duties
• Ability to manage and adhere to established budgets and schedules

Work Schedule

• The MVT workweek is Monday through Friday from 9:30am to 5pm.
• During construction and technical phase of play productions, work hours will be shifted to accommodate fulfillment of duties as enumerated in this job description. This shift will include evening and weekend work hours as necessary to accommodate production preparations and schedules.


• Application by U.S. mail or email containing written cover letter and resume detailing qualifying experience.
• Apply to:
Producing Director
Manoa Valley Theatre
2833 East Manoa Road
Honolulu, Hawaii 96822

• Application deadline: June 12, 2019
• Approximate starting date: August 15, 2019
• The position will remain open until filled

Manoa Valley Theatre is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, or age.