Manoa Valley Theatre at Home Presents


Virtual Night at the Theatre

A Virtual Night at the Theatre – Shipment Day, filmed live at Manoa Valley Theatre as part of their award-winning 50th season.

FRIDAY, JUNE 12, 7:00 PM


Imagine that you have stumbled upon a family secret, a relative in exile that no one in your immediate family has ever spoken of. Intrigued, you meet that relative, a Portuguese cousin, and spend the next seventeen years, until her death, getting to know the circumstances of her life, her struggles and her quiet achievements. Such was the case when Hawaii-born playwright & director, Lorenzo DeStefano, learned about his cousin, Olivia Robello Breitha. 

“SHIPMENT DAY” is set in Honolulu between 1934 and 1937 and dramatizes Olivia’s traumatic early life experiences. It chronicles her diagnosis with the condition at 18, her two-and-a-half-year confinement at Kalihi Hospital, to the day before her shipment to Kalaupapa, the Hansen’s disease settlement on Molokai where, as Hawaii State Department of Health parolee #3306, Olivia would spend the next seventy years of her life, until her death there in 2006 at the age of 90.


’Shipment Day’ recalls painful era in Hawaii history – A beautifully staged look at a painful era in island history. The playwright/director and a consistently talented cast bring the story to life with memorable success.” – John Berger, Honolulu Star-Advertiser

“’Shipment Day’ describes the sense of fear that surrounded a diagnosis of leprosy, and not only for the patient.” Dave Lawrence, Hawaii Public Radio

“’Shipment Day’ breaks the stigma of patients associated with Hansen’s Disease.” – KHON Living 808

“Exciting, heart wrenching, and peppered with comedy to ease the tension here and there, Shipment Day invites you to experience Olivia Robello’s story yourself. Poignant and beautiful…this is a very interesting and important story to tell.” – Hitting the Stage

The new edition of Olivia’s deeply moving autobiography, 
Olivia-My Life of Exile in Kalaupapa,” in print since 1988, is now available from: