Volunteer and Community Impact

Manoa Valley’s constituency is broad based.

Season ticket holders, the single-largest source of the theatre’s earned income, live in communities island-wide. The volunteers who participate in MVT’s program activities as actors, directors, musicians, stagehands, ushers, and designers also live throughout Oahu.

 MVT serves as a community workplace for theatre arts students from public and private schools, the University of Hawaii, Chaminade University, and Leeward Community College among others.

Opportunities to get involved in all areas of live stage production are available to all community members who have that interest.

Auditions for performing roles are open to all.

Guest directors, designers, musicians, and stage crew are recruited on a play-by-play basis from the abundance of talent available in the local community. Audition notices are sent to an email list approximately two weeks prior to each audition.

Are you:

  • Outgoing, friendly, like to get involved?
  • Have some spare time, and would like to do something productive?
  • Do you have skills that you would like to put to good use, and would you enjoy sharing your knowledge with others? Or maybe,
  • You’re just eager to become involved in the theatre!

Come spend some quality time with people who share your passion for the performing arts, and be a part of the this rewarding pastime!

Come talk to us about being a Volunteer at the Manoa Valley Theatre!

Our success depends on our volunteers.

From actors and crew members, to scene painters and ushers, every single one of our volunteers plays an important role. We are always on the lookout for interested and enthusiastic people to join our talented and hardworking team of volunteers.

There are many areas where your abilities may be in demand. For example:

Open auditions are held for every Manoa Valley Theatre production for interested community members. Previous acting experience is not required. Actors must attend all rehearsals and performances. (See production run dates on this page.)  Read our “Audition Insights” by clicking here.
Stage management; set, sound, and lighting design; and technical crews. Learn how to run a spotlight, or create a special effect! Be a part of the Design Team! (Some of these jobs may require prior knowledge and/or experience)
Carpentry, electrical, handy man, paint styles, and effects. There’s always something to do in the scene shop!
Researching and sourcing of furniture, fixtures and decor items. Creating new props; and cleaning, repairing and modifying old ones.
Machine sewing, hand work, cutting, repairs, laundry and fittings. The Costume Shop is always a very busy place.
Ushering. Spend one night with us, and see the show for free!
Filing, answering phones, word processing, mail-outs, and general office duties. Great for the occasional volunteer.

There are many other areas to help out in too, like reading scripts, marketing, and social events, so if you have a particular skill or area of interest, ask us! We are sure you will enjoy yourself while putting your skills to work with the Manoa Valley Theatre!

What we ask of you:

  • Be willing to attend rehearsals as required.
  • Be willing to fulfill performance requirements including any possible extensions. (you will always receive the entire schedule including any possible extension dates, well ahead of time)
  • Be physically able to carry out your required duties.
  • Agree to abide by the theatre’s volunteer policies and procedures.

What you can expect from us:

  • Complimentary tickets for each production you work, (except ushers, who are seeing the show the night they work) and extra tickets when shows extend, if you are part of the nightly production team.
  • An invitation to attend the opening night party, (only the ushers working opening night) as well as the end of production party after the show closes. And a special volunteer holiday party thrown each year, for all of you!
  • An opportunity to meet new friends.
  • An opportunity to learn new skills.
  • An opportunity to be part of an exciting, one-of-a-kind experience!
  • You are welcome and encouraged, to volunteer as often as you like.

For more information, or to take the next step in joining our volunteer team, call us at
(808) 988-6131, or email us.